Let Them Roam - Joshua Able

Here is yet another article about the Bison issue, this one prompted by yet another interesting study in regards to Elk, Bison and Brucellosis.

This article touches upon one of the driving forces used by the Cattle Industry and their lobbyists (who have an unnatural lock on politicians) for not allowing Bison to behave like wild animals. The Lobby uses the Brucellosis argument to keep bison out of the wild and locked in Parks, yet they don't seem to mind elk, however this study once again shows that Elk are the greater risk for cattle in regards to Brucellosis.

Also, for those keeping track, the cattle ranchers introduced Brucellosis to native wildlife, but now want to kill or isolate OUR native animals away from lands they should, by all morally and ethical arguments be allowed to roam.

For more info on this issue in general, please visit the Buffalo Field Campaign. I may not agree with everything they say, but the general gist of "Let Them Roam" is indisputable.

Link to the article in the Bozeman Chronicle - click here

Link to the Buffalo Field Campaign - click here