Africa: a Year of Life - Joshua Able

Plans are still being discussed and heads are being scratched!

In early 2019 (March/April) I will be shipping my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado to South Africa and starting my journey.

My goal is, of course to take a ton of pictures, but the main emphasis is to sit down and talk with guides, anti poaching personnel, rangers and so forth to discuss conservation issues and collect their own personal personal stories of "why" they got involved.

I will be using my personal Facebook, my business website, Instagram along with the Africa: a Year of Life Facebook page to keep followers updated,  provide product reviews and to increase interest.

The end goal is to produce 2 books, one a "coffee table" style book heavy on the photos with some brief stories from the trip, the other an actual book with the collected stories from the people working in conservation, mixed in with some of my adventures and a small helping of photos.