Folks often ask me for recommendations on gear, or just what I use.

Cameras & Lenses:

  • NIKON D800 full frame 
  • NIKON D500 50% crop
  • NIKKOR 500MM F4
  • NIKKOR 300MM F2.8
  • NIKKOR 70-200MM F2.8
  • NIKON 1.4x (2) Teleconverter(s)

Would I use the same combination of lenses and bodies if I were redoing everything? Im not sure! I suspect I would stay with Nikon gear, but I would be looking at a newer generation body to replace my D800. As for lenses, I would drop the 500mm and go to a 600mm while keeping my FAVORITE lens, the 300mm f2.8 and the wicked 70-200mm.

Camera Gear:

  • Rifle Stock from SharpShooter Industries  - I now own 2 of these wonderful rifle stocks, for hand-holding I cant imagine ever going back to not using a product like this. The increase in stability is nearly a game changer, I highly recommend this product.
  • Tri-pod from Sirui - I use a 3 section Carbon Fiber tripod from Sirui. The brand came highly recommended and has proven itself a less expensive, but just as good a tripod as the more expensive offerings from companies like Gitzo.
  • Mono-pod - Manfrotto - Just a basic mono-pod